Ladies Dunlop wedge heel mule slippers Silver or Gold Silver k0UtP1d

Ladies Dunlop wedge heel mule slippers, Silver or Gold Silver
  • quilted PU uppers
  • cushioned insole
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole: Manmade
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Heel Height: 1.5
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The confusion then comes from Dahl himself. He’s mentioned in the past it was a hoax, but also has passed comment on it not being a hoax since. What to believe? Who knows.

Even the claim that the analysis was ‘not natural’ has been strongly contested. Apparently, Kenneth Arnold even stated that it reminded him of scrap aluminum. At the very least, it had no unnatural characteristics.

So, as it stands, we were fairly convinced that Crisman might have been in control of something that was entirely fictional. But, what about the son? The supposed other witness?

Well, according to Charles Dahl – the son – that never actually happened. Charles claims he was never even there in the first place. In fact, there was issues in the Dahl family given the supposed change in personality of Harold.

The last people to talk to Charles about this incident, though, were the Hanohano family. Kalani and Katiuska Hanohano were UFO researchers for many years, and were involved in civilian and MUFON programs .

They spoke to Harold, who confirmed but one thing for them – that Crisman was every bit the rogue it appeared. It was also confirmed that there are no apparent records of an interview, or even a hospital visit, with the person who was most inflicted by the event. Charles never spoke at the time of the event, only when he was older.

If a child was to be burned by something, alien or not, they would need to go to hospital to get it checked out. Why then would a father not take his son to hospital to be checked after being burnt by something so incredible?

Why would there be no marks left? In fact, how is he even alive?

It makes no sense how it would be strong enough to kill a dog (that was buried at sea!?) but not to not significantly harm the child. Falling from so high, and from such a unique object, you would imagine it would do more than slightly damage a boat and break his arm. If it killed a dog, why would it only break his arm?

Even if the son just hated the father, for example, there’s other people backing up his version. The sister of Charles, Louise, who claimed none of this ever occurred. Speaking in April 2007 to the Seattle Post , she claimed that this encounter never occurred in the first place. Speaking to journalist Casey McNetherney, she claimed that her brother never once mentioned the incident.

Curiously, he also never mentioned anything about the death of a family dog. Or that he was ever hurt in some weird alien incident that dropped giant slag on him, potentially breaking his arm. If such a major event occurred, you would presume that one of the two would remember it – right?

Given that Louise was older by two years, it would make sense that she would remember the event clearly. After all, her brother was supposed to be 15 at the time of the event. That would make her 17 – so there’s no element of her perhaps being too young to remember the event.

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/ Child Focused and Context Focused Therapy Are Equally Effective

A group of researchers at the CanChild Centre in Canada completed research comparing child focused therapy and context focused therapy for children with cerebral palsy. The participants included 128 children with cerebral palsy who received one sessions of therapy per week by an OT or PT of either child focused therapy or context focused therapy.

The child focused therapy consisted of therapy sessions trying to changethechild’s mobility, body alignment, musclestrength and coordination. Therapy also focused on improving achild’s skills through practicingmovements and activities.

The context focused therapy consisted of therapy sessions on choosing an activity that a child enjoys but would like to do better. These activities were then modified to make it easier to do byreducing the limiting factorsassociated with both the task and theenvironment. Children alsopracticed the activities.

After six weeks of one session per week, both groups showed equal improvements. The following results were recorded for both groups:

1. increased independence in their self-care activities 2. improved ability to move more independently 3. more engaged in general skill activities 4. increase in participation in play activities 5. increased physical activity and took part in more games.

1. increased independence in their self-care activities 2. improved ability to move more independently 3. more engaged in general skill activities 4. increase in participation in play activities 5. increased physical activity and took part in more games.

Overall, the children younger than three years improved more than older children in their self-care activities and ability to move independently.

What do you prefer when you provide therapy sessions? Changing the task or changing the child? Personally, I have had more success with modifying the task especially with older children. Although, I usually provide a combination of the two during a direct therapy session.

Here is a link to the hand out that CanChild created regarding the study. Excellent to give to parents and teachers Allhqfashion Womens KittenHeels Soft Material LowTop Solid Zipper Boots White AdZ4fL


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