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Tunable, 2D separation of macromolecules and particles

The , in conjunction with an Eclipse® DualTec® or Eclipse AF4 asymmetrical-flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) system, separates macromolecules and particles from 1 nm to 10,000 nm by size charge.

2D separation using EAF4 and the Mobility provide two unique benefits beyond standard AF4:

The Mobility is invaluable for studying , , , of proteins and sub-micron particles, and a host of other macromolecules and colloids.

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A new dimension in FFF

Standard field-flow fractionation using AF4 is a versatile, size-based separation technique that can be tuned to adjust resolution and range. With no packed stationary phase, AF4 is free of shear, and adverse surface interactions are minimal, making it an ideal technology for complex and difficult analytical fractionation tasks.

The Mobility adds the ability to modulate separation by charge. Depending on the particle’s charge and polarity, its motion under the electric field combines with AF4 cross flow and parabolic channel flow to produce later or earlier elution. Hence analytes with the same size but different charge leave the EAF4 channel and reach the detectors at different times. Each fraction is characterized separately by the detectors.

Combining electrical fractionation with AF4 in a single separation channel in EAF4, the Mobility is the most powerful and versatile separation technology available for macromolecules and nanoparticles from 1 nm to 10,000 nm.

What's inside?

These are used with a standard Eclipse FFF controller and HPLC components from Agilent, Shimadzu or Thermo. Temperature control of the EAF4 channel is provided by a Thermos[Pro] chamber.

The electrodes, placed above and below the AF4 channel, create a programmable electric field but are never actually touched by sample. These platinum-coated steel electrodes are compatible with a large range of salt concentrations: they do not corrode, and the pressure present in the channel prevents bubble formation under electrolysis.

Rounding out the Mobility package, the VOYAGER CDS® chromatography data software and SCOUT DPS® data processing and simulation software perform optimization, control and analysis of EAF4 methods, to maximize size and zeta potential characterization.

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Learn more about EAF4 and how it determines zeta potential in: C. Johann, S. Elsenberg, H. Schuch, U. Rosch., "Instrument and Method to Determine the Electrophoretic Mobility of Nanoparticles and Proteins by Combining Electrical and Flow Field-Flow Fractionation," (8) , 4292-4298 (2015) [ Papillio Rom from BirkoFlor in Falling Leaves Blue Falling Leaves Blue mJIjkOZsk6

EAF4 is combined with one or more downstream, online detectors for particle characterization:


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Managing priorities

Tracker lists stories in a project’s Current and Backlog panels in priority order. Dragging a story to the top of your Backlog makes it the top priority (after the stories already in the Current iteration). You can change the priority of a story in the Current panel that is not yet accepted by dragging it within the Current panel. You can also change the priority of a story using the keyboard . Unstarted stories cannot be dragged above started stories, as it’s assumed that the most important stories are already being worked on. Drag stories from the Icebox to the desired location in the Backlog to prioritize them.

Accepted stories are displayed according to the date they were accepted. If you need to change the order of an accepted story, you can expand the story and click on the calendar icon to change the accepted date. Also, accepted stories remain in the iteration they were accepted in, and only move to the Done panel when that iteration is complete.

You can choose from a variety of ways to make priorities visible in Tracker. If you need to move many stories around in your Backlog or Icebox, cloning the panel to more easily drag them to a new position helps. Selecting multiple stories for dragging to a new location, or for updating via the bulk actions menu, can also save you time.

Stories within an Epic Stories panel are also listed in priority order. You can prioritize stories within an epic by dragging them directly within the Epic Stories panel, up into the Backlog section or down into the Icebox section. When you add a story to an epic by dragging it to the Epic Stories panel, you can drop it in the location you want to reflect its priority.

Use release markers to group related stories and clearly reflect their priority.

Note :

Tracker automatically moves stories from the top of your project’s Backlog into the current iteration according to the current velocity . Although you won’t be able to drag and drop more stories into Current (you cannot drag more story points into Current that your velocity is currently worth), you can click Start on any story in the Backlog and it will automatically move to Current.

As your iterations progress and your stories move from the Backlog to Current , you will see the planned iterations in your Backlog respond accordingly based on the total points planned compared to your current velocity. For example, if you have 40 points’ worth of stories planned in your Backlog and your project velocity is currently 8, Tracker will plan these out over five iterations of about 8 points each (depending on the individual story estimates ). As you drag estimated stories to change priority order within the backlog, Tracker will update which stories are in each iteration to reflect the current velocity. Tracker will create new iterations as needed to accommodate newly estimated stories or updates to current story estimates. Going back to our example where your project velocity is 8, if you drag a 5-point story from the Icebox to the top of your Backlog, Tracker will move the stories that no longer fit in that iteration down to the next one, and reorganize future iterations accordingly.

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