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The mid-20th century work of Johan Huizinga and Roger Caillois takes a cultural/anthropological view of game studies. They declare broad, sweeping theses about games as cultural products and see play as the “civilizing element of culture.” Caillois suggests that all forms of play are voluntary, uncertain in outcome, in their own time and space separate from “life outside” of play, and governed by some kind of logic that distinguishes it from non-play. Unstructured play tends to grow into more structured games as the activity takes shape and rules are litigated into clarity by the play community.

Caillois and these other anthropological philosophers of play were cataloguing and dissecting games before the advent of videogames, which is reflected in their point of view:

How dominant are videogames in the discussion of games? We could illustrate this dominance in the logic of the First Person Shooter (FPS). Many of you readers are probably highly “FPS-literate”: you could pick up an unknown title in an unknown language (and perhaps even with an unfamiliar controller) and would instantly understand a slew of complex conventions, and get right to “work” – you can probably infer the goals, game mechanics, and feedback shorthands in very little time. Even an “innovative” FPS title today generally requires very little new acquaintance.

It’s likely that much of the development of the First Person Shooter as a “thing” is a forced hand in the design space of possible videogames, since we’ve probably been roleplaying warfare since before language, and gunplay is a widely-understood form of romanticized violence. Media Studies Professor (and COOLCEPT Women Boots Zipper Black 5GLeOI
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has often made the case that plenty about the design of the FPS is also based on path-dependent events during development of specific conventions. Computational limitations have forced entrepreneurial developers to whip up neat tricks that become canonized by player recognition (e.g. “crates in conspicuous places should probably be investigated”). New games are seeded with quirks and conventions from whatever Game Engine was licensed to save coding effort and time. We can often feel the similarity in games that share an engine, even if we don’t know which game engine is which. The Quake II Engine produced a single-player narrative-driven experience in Half-Life , and a multiplayer experience in Counter-Strike .


Rules are inseparable from play as soon as the latter becomes institutionalized.

[Imagine] a continuum between two poles. At one extreme an almost indivisible principle, common to diversion, turbulence, free improvisation, and carefree gaiety is dominant. It manifests a kind of uncontrolled fantasy that can be designated by the term paidia . At the opposite extreme, this frolicsome and impulsive exuberance is almost entirely absorbed or disciplined by a complementary, and in some respects inverse, tendency to its anarchic and capricious nature: there is a growing tendency to bind it with arbitrary, imperative, and purposefully tedious conventions, to oppose it still more by ceaselessly practicing the most embarrassing chicanery upon it, in order to make it more uncertain of attaining its desired effect. This latter principle is completely impractical, even though it requires an ever greater amount of effort, patience, skill, or ingenuity. I call this second component ludus .

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Find an Agent

It’s not just other drivers who have it out for your car. Party poopers like thieves, vandals, fires, floods and fearless animals can ruin your day just as much as a fender bender. Other types of auto insurance like collision and liability coverage don’t protect you from this destructive platter of threats, but comprehensive coverage does.

That being said, you should make sure you and your whip are properly protected. Our independent agents are ready to walk you through top options and help you find the right comprehensive coverage to keep you secure.

What Is Comprehensive Coverage?

It’s an optional contract that adds extra protection to a standard car insurance policy. If there’s a wreck, the insurer will help pay to repair or replace your vehicle if the damage wasn’t caused by a collision with another car or object. It’s also commonly called “other than collision.” However, a collision with an animal would be covered.

Is Comprehensive Coverage Mandatory?

No. Legally, you do need car insurance, but comprehensive coverage is the extra credit of car insurance. It’s great if you have the means, and it can pay off in the long run, but you can get by with less if you have to.

How Do I Know If I Need Comprehensive Coverage?

It depends on how much you love and need your car and whether you can afford to eat the cost if you need to suddenly replace it. Comprehensive will add to your premiums, but it offers extra protection to match, keeping disruptions to your routine (and bank account) to a minimum.

Yes, no and maybe so scenarios:

What Does Comprehensive Coverage Cover?

Basically, it covers everything except collisions with inanimate objects or other vehicles—that’s what collision coverage is for. A typical comprehensive policy will include these types of coverage:

How Much Does Comprehensive Coverage Cost?

There’s no set cost for comprehensive coverage, since your policy and premiums will be personalized for you and your vehicle. The final price tag will be based mainly on these factors:

An experienced driver with a perfect safety record and a low- to mid-range vehicle could pay as little as $600 a year for comprehensive coverage. New drivers with bad records, especially ones with expensive cars, could pay upwards of $5,000 per year.

The Awesome Benefits of an Independent Agent

Your car is one of your most important assets, don’t let mistakes and misunderstandings get between you and the coverage you need. Independent agents simplify the process by comparing insurance quotes for you. They’ll also cut the jargon and clarify the fine print, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Most importantly, they’ll be there to help you and your family in case of an accident. They’re experts at handling claims and helping you maximize the benefits of your insurance.

Finding Comprehensive Coverage Quotes

Instant online insurance quotes are nice, but algorithms are designed for the lowest common denominator and can miss important details. Our expert agents do the hard work behind the scenes, so you can enjoy a policy that strikes the perfect balance of meeting your needs and saving you money.

Probably not:
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